WATERCOLORS Regular Painting Class (1-2 days)

WATERCOLORS Regular Painting Class (1-2 days)

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Enjoy 3 days class and fun while you learn the fundamentals of watercolor with Mariela.

You will learn the basic techniques used by Mariela. Different papers and how to mix just yellow, red and blue to make all the colors you need. A simple concept, using a limited palette of colors. Learn color harmony and let her to introduce you to color; how to mix and how to use it. Lots of individual attention and class demonstrations with step-by-step through the entire painting process. You will be amazed what you can do!!! 

Please check our Studio SCHEDULE for information on the available dates and once your choice is made, please CONTACT US to reserve your choice(s) of date(s).


This is a Regular Painting Classes (1-2 Days each) SUBJECT OF YOUR CHOICE. 10am-5pm

-Classes will be booked on a 1st comes 1st served basis.

-Supplies are not included.

-Students can combine mediums/techniques in the same class ex: acrylics and oils or porcelain and watercolors or just stick to one