Just a little girl with BIG dreams...

 I was born and raised in Maracaibo, Venezuela and working in art was not what I grew up expecting to do. Since I was a little girl I always wanted to be a fashion designer so my parents signed me up for sewing classes and for my 8th birthday they bough for me my very first sewing machine, I learned and started to do dresses and even swim wear and my oldest brother at that time created a label for my clothing called Marieé.

At age 13 I was creating cardboard earrings that I would paint and varnished, wear and sell my mind they were very trendy until I discover enameling on copper and my cardboard jewelry transformed into real pieces of metal and gold dust. I couldn't stop creating.

When I finished high school the passion for fashion design was stronger than ever in my heart but when it came to choose a university, fashion design didn't exist as a career. I was raised by two amazing, super creative hard working parents that supported me in every dream but because they also raised me to be an independent successful woman, they wanted a solid and formal career for me too.

I started studying Administration and I was miserable; after few semesters I decided to study at a local Catholic University that had just started Art as a bachelor degree , it was my Dad to sell me the idea ....I said: Art???? I didn't knew the difference between a paper and a canvas and the only lines I could do were to make a dress or a shirt pattern. Dad sold me the idea as a fundamental base for my future clothing designs will be inspired by the drapery of the grecians and the color use of the impressionists for fabric. A smart man ...the more he kept going the more excitement I felt so I decided to try. 

I loved every minute of art history, drawing and perspective. Incredible but true, I struggle so much with painting I just couldn't do it but I was hard headed. I studied and memorized the external anatomy of the body and the face and I draw and draw and draw until I would do the exercises by repetition heart until they made sense to me.... I truly feel the pain of every of my awesome students when they struggle, I was there myself, it wasn't easy it just happened that I wanted to succeed and I did.

I finished my first degree in art and work as an intern at the Contemporary Art Museum Sofia Imber in Caracas, Venezuela where not only I got to meet her but also got to catalog the most amazing art work I've ever seen. I was living a dream.

I started selling big oils on canvas for several galleries and a local museum, mostly religious art works just because I loved it. That love made me to decide to move forward and study my Master degree in Italy. I had to go to Rome and see everything with my own eyes!!!!! I needed to pay for my own education, my loving parents were always very supportive but they couldn’t afford to send me abroad. I worked super hard and saved every penny to soon leave home for an adventure that changed my life immensely. 

As a student in Rome I was chosen to work in a Vatican congregation as a painter and without a plan I got to meet a saint. I met his Holiness, John Paul II three times in my life and every time we met would change me deeply. I was in Rome around the Jubilee of the year 2000 of our church and I got the commission of my life, the opportunity to paint his portrait on a porcelain plate. I painted that piece in Maracaibo, I had to paint that in my parents house, at home ...and I did. I returned to Rome and presented the painting to him, that was the last time I saw him... he blessed my hands and my soul forever.

I started teaching painting classes 25 years ago and I have learned so much from it. I haven't stop since then and I won't. I love to teach and to find new ways to communicate with my students too. Is like I need to prove that if I could do it, they can too. 

As a Mom, as a daughter and wife to an incredible man and best friend, I believe we, women are super heroes and we can change the world, we have been doing that forever we are just more aware now.  I'm committed to do that one painting at a time.

I take great pride in being able to share my painting experience and advice with all of you and I hope that everyone can learn something from my painting classes all around the world. The way you see art and to help you discovering your capacity to create it is truly my passion and goal in life. I'm so beyond blessed to be able to do it.   

...years later my passion for fashion is still alive and with the amazing support of Jose, my long time friend and now husband we, started my dream company, where I get to create wearable art with my own work. Please visit our online store and let us know how much you love it!!!!!